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Dimplez 4 Dayz prides itself on providing a safe, open environment where everyone is

welcome, regardless of circumstances, beliefs, or abilities. In the wake of the isolation of the

COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to provide a space to support them physically,

emotionally, and mentally. Dimplez 4 Dayz, Inc. is invested in promoting and providing healthy and impactful career training skills to Philadelphia youth and low-income communities. The safe after-school environment aims to provide a safe haven for Philadelphia children and youth. The goal is to provide a nurturing environment, build positive relations between residents, and decrease violence in the community between 3 pm-8 pm. 

We aim to assist every individual that enters the building, giving access to various opportunities, supportive services, and resources. Dimplez Dreamz Resource center is open daily from 10 am-9 pm. All programs are voluntary in which participants travel via bus, Lyft, or Uber, walking, and parents. 


Royalty Eatz is a girls-only mentoring program that meets monthly in person at various restaurants throughout the city. Weekly virtual meetings are conducted, and an organized group chat.


A typical session features young ladies between the ages of 11-16 with a guided conversation/activity led by one or more highly trained staff or volunteers. Topics might include school, relationships with family, social media, sex & drugs, gun violence, peer pressure, health, or whatever the girls identify as pressing issues for them. 

Dimplez 4 Dayz, Inc. Believes that by providing access to resources and ongoing support, we are equipping them with the tools they need to develop a firm foundation in building positive relations,  values, and beliefs. Royalty Eatz allows every participant with individual care that will help to cope with the struggles of everyday life. 



Bus stop breakfast is a local program designed by Dimplez 4 Dayz that provides hot breakfast sandwiches to children and youth throughout the city between 7:00 am-8:30 am. We recognize the importance of starting the day with a nutritious meal. Our goal is to collaborate with local restaurants to coordinate and implement the bi-weekly initiative. 


Our book bag and supply give away services students from Philadelphia, Delaware, and Chester counties with over 1,000 filled book bags, food, games, and entertainment provided.



 Cake Day Celebrations service children and youth residing in homeless shelters, group homes, and transitional housing in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Due to COVID-19 during April and May, we will honor front line workers.

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